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Great Style Moves to the Front

At Decorative Interiors, we have always placed our clients’ unique style and personality front and center when creating the perfect space. Today, we are extremely excited to announce that we have moved to the front of the Galleria Design Center in Middletown, Connecticut.

Galleria Design Center
234 Middle Street
Middletown, CT 06457

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Creative Design Themes for Your Home

Your home is your palace, and as such, it must reflect your personal style, tastes and needs. Interior decorating is not cheap, so it is important to choose something you love to prevent growing tired of your design. Do not go with a trend that is popular; choose something you truly enjoy. Before you choose a design theme for your home, look at many different styles and choose what is right for you. Be creative, because it is your house.

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Chandelier Trends

Chandeliers are classic and work well with all different types of interior design. There are trends right now that not only add to the look of your home, but some of these can also save you a few bucks over the long-term. If you are considering a chandelier in your home, check out the trends first and see if any of these will work with that you want and need.

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How to Choose the Ideal Floor Lamp for Your Location

While overhead or wall lighting is included in most homes, a well-placed floor lamp is very useful for those days when you need less light or light in only a specific area. With so many different options for floor lamps, it is difficult to determine which is best for you, but a short checklist makes your shopping experience run more smoothly.

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Selecting an Accent Piece for Your Office

Properly decorating an office provides a comfortable and welcoming environment for employees and clients alike. Office accents set the mood for a work environment and reflect the human side of a professional establishment. Accents take many forms in interior design, including furniture, light fixtures, wall hangings and decorative floor coverings.

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Full-Scale Interior Design Services in Connecticut

Your home design is an extension of yourself. Whether your space is a commercial property or you home’s living room. Make sure your space reflects your personal style and/or company image.

Decorative Interiors is a full-scale interior design company offering residential and commercial interior design services in Connecticut. Our company offers design services from conception to completion tailoring each room to your individual taste, style and space. From your first design consultation our experienced interior design team will ensure that you design experience is seamless and tailored to meet your needs.

Interior Design Services

Your home is your oasis, a safe place to retreat from the chaos of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Let our experts design you a chic relaxing space that reflects your personal style. We specialize in kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dining room, living / family room, home staging, custom window treatments, built-in, and lighting design.

Office and Commercial Interior Design Services

Your office space creates an irreversible first impression with each client or customer that walks through the door. Make that first impression a great one. At Decorative Interiors we offer full service office and commercial interior design services. We find that each commercial space requires a unique style to reflect a company’s culture, industry and style.

Decorative Interiors, located in Middletown, CT, offers complete interior design services in Connecticut. Contact us for a residential or commercial interior design consultation. Learn how our experienced design team can help you “Live your best life in style.”

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